SelfCAD is an online CAD and 3D design software

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Express Yourself in 3D

3D Sketch | Model | Sculpt | Print
Design From Start to Finish. 100% Ready for 3D Printing
You can master SelfCAD in just a few days.
SelfCAD is a fully-featured, fully integrated, user- friendly, online 3d modeling application
SelfCAD is a perfect solution for both the professional and hobbyist who just want to get a CAD job done.

The Most Affordable ALL-IN-ONE 3D Modeling App for:

Makers Powerful and Comprehensive 3D Sketching and 3D Modeling Tools 3D Printing Create, Manifold, Magically Fix, Slice Models for FDM and DLP Printers Creative Hobby or Business Artistic Drawing and Sculpting Tools Adjustability / Flexibility Import, Export, Convert and Edit from Images, SVG and 40 + 3D File Formats Marketplace Download from 45k + MMF 3D Printable Objects Library Education Easy to Learn Software for Classroom Socializing Create and Share Your work

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